I’ve started toying around with Blot, a Dropbox-based blogging engine developed by David Merfield.

It is a very intriguing platform. Simply save a file into a specified Dropbox folder and, voilà, you have a blog post. Blot allows custom domains and accepts a wide variety of files types, including plain text, Markdown, Word, images, bookmarks and HTML.

At first blush, it seems fairly extensible and customizable as well. Seemingly well worth the $20 annual investment.

What has me most excited is the fluidity of the publishing process with Blot. There is no technological overhead or friction to keep you from posting — from any platform.

I do have some concerns about Blot’s reliance on the Dropbox platform, but David has recently added Github integration and has hinted at a paid self-hosted product in the future. Heady times.