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  • @manton Having some trouble with links. When posting from the Mac app, inline links for the resulting MB post are wiped and replaced with a link (the entire text of the MB post) to a self-hosted WP post. Is that the intended behavior?

  • Barry is a pleasant surprise.

  • Recently spent a mint having our 17 year-old sofas professionally cleaned. They look new again, but I’m terrified to sit on them. Thinking of laying out for plastic covers and a glass dish of terrible candy for the coffee table.

  • Hello world — from

  • Hello world!

  • Blot

    I’ve started toying around with Blot, a Dropbox-based blogging engine developed by David Merfield. It is a very intriguing platform. Simply save a file into a specified Dropbox folder and, voilà, you have a blog post. Blot allows custom domains and accepts a wide variety of files types, including plain text, Markdown, Word, images, bookmarks…

  • “Explanation” of Benefits documents are my kryptonite.

  • Starting Fresh

    A decade has passed since I left the newspaper business and probably not a day too soon. As The Wire taught us, the newspaper industry in its current form is dying and many of the existing jobs therein are withering along with it. In my journalistic heyday, I was writing tens of thousands of words…